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The Galveston Bay Regional Monitoring Database (RMD) is an interactive portal that provides quality-assured data to support conservation and management of the Galveston Bay system.

Data collected by federal, state, and local governments; universities; and research organizations can be downloaded for the spatial domain of the Lower Galveston Bay Watershed. Datasets included in the Galveston Bay RMD have been selected for their use as ecosystem indicators in collaboration with the Galveston Bay Estuary Program (GBEP). The available datasets describe water and sediment quality, fish and wildlife abundance, and habitat, among other key ecosystem management categories. These datasets are provided for the full period of record available (in some cases dating to the 1960s for long-term monitoring programs) unless otherwise noted.

The Galveston Bay RMD, together with the Galveston Bay Plan, supports the Galveston Bay Estuary Program, the Galveston Bay Council and its subcommittees in the conservation and management of Galveston Bay.

For a comprehensive narrative overview of Galveston Bay, explore State of the Bay: A Characterization of the Galveston Bay Ecosystem.

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This project is funded with a grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality's Galveston Bay Estuary Program.
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